House Teachers List for the Academic Year 2017-2018

House Coordinator Ms. Pareenita Tyagi

Prerna House

House In charge

Ms. Poonam Gulati II


1.     Ms. Shiwani Arora

2.     Ms. Anjali

3.     Ms. Neetika Singh

4.     Ms. Anita Dutt

5.     Ms. Raminder Sapra

6.     Ms. Amrita Sharma

7.     Ms. Bharti Pandey

8.     Ms.Sonia Chawla

Prakash House

House In charge

Ms. Pooja Arya

   1.  Ms. Nidhi Naswa

2.  Ms. Neha Bhardwaj

3.  Ms. Sonia Chauhan

4.  Ms. Meenakshi

5.  Ms. Bhawana

6.  Ms. Sarla

7.  Ms Pooja Narula

8. Ms. Lalita

Pragati House

House In charge

Ms. Poonam Gulati I

1.     Ms. Durgesh

2.     Ms. Gurmeet Kathuria

3.     Ms. Seema Midha

4.     Ms. Priyanka

5.     Ms. Kanchan

6.     Ms. Parvesh

7.     Ms. Komal Puri

8.     Ms. Deepika Malhotra


Preet House

House In charge

Ms. Usha Tak

1.     Ms. Anita Choudhary

2.     Ms. Rita

3.     Ms. Surbhi Madan

4.     Ms. Nisha Hoshing

5.     Ms. S.Lakshmi

6.     Ms. Seema Thakur

7.     Ms. Poonam Tiwari

8.     Ms. Neerja


As per instructions given by the Principal, Mrs.Sunita Kharbanda, all House Incharges are informed as follows:

Morning Assembly will be held class wise as per the following schedule:

I Week (Classes I to V)

Days Class
Monday & Tuesday III to V
Wednesday & Thursday VI to VIII
Friday & Saturday IX to XII

Morning Assembly for class I and II held on every Thursday and Friday after main assembly.

Activities Related to Morning Assembly

Simran + Prayer + News + Thought + National Anthem
Pledge – Every Monday
Special Matter by the Student –  Monday, Thursday , saturday
Special Matter by the Teacher – Every Tuesday

Morning Prayer

  • Monday –  bhagwan mera jeevan……………
  • Tuesday – Teri Hai Zameen……….
  • Wednesday – Ae Malik Tere……..
  • Thursday – Itni Shakti Hume Dena…………
  • Friday – Nirankari public vidhyalaya ke
  • Saturday –Hey Samrath Parmatma…………..…………

Important Notes

  • All the details related to any Competition or any Celebration will be provided by the House Co-ordinator to the House Incharges in time. Incharges are requested to not to meet with Principal Mam in this regard.
  • Every month meeting of House Co-ordinator  will be held with the House Incharges (last working day)
  • All the House Incharges are requested to select the House Captains & and send their names to the House Co-ordinators before 30th April.

Houses will run as per the following schedule (April 2017 to March, 2018)

          Period of Duty           Name of House On Duty
1-15 April Prakash House
16-30 April Prerna House
1-15 May Pragati House
16-31 May Preet House
1-15 July Prakash House
16-31 July Prerna House
1-15 August Pragati House
16-31 August Preet House
1-15 September Prakash House
16-30 September Prerna House
1-15 October Pragati House
16-31 October Preet House
1-15 November Prakash House
16-30 November Prerna House
1-15 December Pragati House
16-31 December Preet House
1-31 January Prakash House
1-15 February Prerna House
16-28 February Pragati House
1-15 March Preet House
16-31 March Prakash House