Special assembly on festival of lights – Diwali

Special assembly on festival of lights – Diwali

A special assembly was conducted at Sant Nirankari Public School, Faridabad on October 17, 2017 in school auditorium  by the Preet House (VI to XII) on the topic –Beauty of Indian Culture /festival of lights – Diwali. The objective of the assembly was to make the students aware of this festival – why and how it is celebrated. The assembly commenced with prayer, followed by speech, skits, song and dance etc.

The students of the senior and middle wing heralded the festival of lights, Diwali, by presenting a cultural extravaganza with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. A mesmerising group song was presented by the students. An inspiring Ramayana skit was also dramatised showcasing the Diwali celebration of the modern era and ancient times. Ramayana skit stole the limelight of the show. A powerful message of dire consequences of adding to the pollution of the environment by bursting crackers was brilliantly staged as well. The students took a pledge to have a pollution free and eco-friendly Diwali and save plants for the future generation. A captivating dance performance was the bonus bonanza of the day. The School Principal, Ms. Sunita Kharbanda wished all the students a very happy and a prosperous Diwali.

Competitions Conducted on occasion of Diwali

Date: 17/10/17

Class Name of competition
I & II Diya Decoration
III & IV Bandhanwar
V & VI Thali Decoration
VII & VIII Paper Rangoli
IX & X Best out of waste
XI & XII Rangoli

 In 6th and 7th period various competitions were conducted

  1. Diya Decoration-With the excitement of the festive season in the air, the student of class I and II participated in diya decoration competition. They displayed their creativity by decorating the diyas beautifully. Children also learnt about the significance of lighting diyas on Diwali.
  2. Bandhanwar Competition – For class III and IV bandhanwar Competition was organized in their respective classes. All the students participated enthusiastically. The students presented traditional bandhanwar in the most creative manner.
  3. Thali Decoration- Thali decoration competition was also organized on the same day for the class V and VI. The students were asked to bring the required material and decorate thali in their own creative way. Students exhibited their talent , by showing love and pray to God by decorating “Aarti Thali”. Children decorated thali beautifully.
  4. Paper Rangoli- Paper Rangoli competition was organized for class VII and VIII . students prepared beautiful paper rangoli with beautiful colour papers.
  5. Best out of waste- In order to make children aware of use of waste material and to give them a lesson to reducing waste to save our future, Best out of Waste competition was held for the students of class IX and X. mind blowing and fabulous ideas were demonstrated by students.
  6. Inter House Rangoli competition – Rangoli is the most colourful and enjoyable art which is liked by all the children. It inspires the children to think and work creatively and promote artistic excellence. This competition was organized in school for class XI and XII. Children participated earnestly in the competition. They came up with amazing ideas. Each of the design prepared by the student was a treat to the eyes.

Results of Diwali Competitions.

                Diya Making Competition           (I &II )

Anukampa                              I C                                Ist

Tanweer                                 IB                                II

Garima                                    II A                              Ist

Pratigya                                  II B                                II


Bandhanwar Making Competition           (III &  IV)

Rehan                         III C                             Ist

Dhaarna                     III B                              II

Nitika                          IV B                            Ist

Krishna                       IV C                             II


Thali Making  Competition(V & VI)

Shiney                                     V A                                Ist

Mohit Saini                             V C                                II

Amaan Khan                          VI C                             Ist

Bhumika                                 VI C                             II

Paper Rangoli Making  Competition(VII-VIII)

Sakshi                         VII B                                        Ist

Toshi                          VII C                                        II

Sumit                          VIII B                                      Ist

Drishti                        VIII A                                      I

Best Out Of Waste Competition (IX-X)

Vibha Yadav               IX A                                         I

Anjali Tanwar            IX B                                         II

Muskan Sharma         X B                                          I

Prashant Tanwar      XB                                           II

Rangoli Making  Competition(Hosewise )

Prerna House                        Ist

Prakash House                       IInd


Special assembly on festival of lights - Diwali