Achievers’ Day Ceremony

Achievers’ Day Ceremony

“ All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

‘Achievers’ Day’ ceremony was held in Sant Nirankari Public School, Sector-16 A, Faridabad on April 10, 2019. This programme is being organized to uplift the spirits of students and honour those who outperformed in academics. The occasion became more gracious with the presence of our Chief Guest, the Manager of our school Mr. N.S.Chauhan, Mr. S.P.Malhotra & our Principal Mrs. Sunita Kharbanda.

The programme was initiated with the recitation of Shabad by a group of students of classes VI to VIII to seek the blessings of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. After their mesmerizing performance , the prizes were given to the rank holders of all classes by our honorary Guests. The list of our achievers :




    Ist IInd IIIrd
1 I Janvi, I B                            (97.1%) Yashika,  I B                               (96.8%) Manvi,I B                              (96.4%)
2 II  Varsha Saini, II C           (97.7%) Arhan Khan, II A                       (97.6%) Duanshi,II A                        (96.9%)
3 III Parth Gupta, III A          (92.2%) Abinash Rout, III C                (91.2%) Sarthi Biswas,III C                 (91%)
4 IV Deepanshi, IV B                (91.7%) Sakshi, IV C                                (91.1%) Ridhima, IV C                      (89.4%)
5 V Mayank, V A                       (93.2%) Muskan, V C                               (91.7%) Yash, V C                               (89.7%)
6 VI Alisha, VI C                          (93%) Kripa , VI C                                    (89.7%) Lokesh Yadav, VI C            (87.3%)
7 VII Himanshi Dixit, VII A       (91.3%) Namit Kaushik, VII B               (90.7%) Ritik Yadav, VII B               (90%)
8 VIII Aayushi, VIII B                  (96.9%) Nitesh, VIII B                               (93.4%) Saloni, VIII B                      (92.5%)
9 IX Lavanya Pandey, IX B       (85.3%) Mohit Singh , IX A                        (84.6%) Tanisha Parashar , IX B               (84.6%) Navya, IX A                          (83.3%)
10 XI Anjali, XI A                         (84.8%) Simran Chhabra, XI B              (83.7%) Ishita, XI A                             (83%)

The ceremony became more worthy with the enactment of a small play “The Jungle School” by the students of classes VI to VIII where the animal parents want their children to go to school. The moral of the story was to convey the students that they can’t be good at everything. There is no competition with others; compete with yourself and beat the record.

Our Chief Guest, Mr. N.S. Chauhan addressed students after distributing awards. He talked about academics and lauded the achievements made by the achievers of the year. He urged students to keep giving their best in each and every endeavor. He talked about habits students need to inculcate in order to become an achiever. He added that everyone can be an achiever by their hard work & dedication. He congratulated the students as well as teachers for their marvelous performances.

The event evoked the unprecedented enthusiasm among students.

“To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you are not, keep on trying.”