Teaching is a missionary vocation adopted for personal satisfaction and social service. Teacher is a pivot around which the activities inside and outside the classroom revolve. His / Her duty does not end there but just begins. The teacher must have a commitment to excellence and total involvement in the programs of the school. Keeping these aspects in mind, the school management employs highly qualified, trained, experienced and devoted teachers. Teacher training programme and workshops are organized at regular intervals to ensure that the faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field of education.

We expect and believe that the most invaluable resource – our teachers are the creators of enthusiasm for learning.

Faculties of the school

S.No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Mrs. Sunita Kharbanda B.A., M.A. ( Eco.) B.Ed Principal
2 Mrs. Mamta Arora B.A., M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed,M.Phil H.M
3 Mrs. Poonam Gulati II B.Com(H), M.Com, B.Ed PGT
4 Mrs. Parineeta Tyagi Bsc, Msc(Maths), B.Ed PGT
5 Mrs. Sonia Chawla B.A , M.A.( Maths ), MCA, B.Ed PGT
6 Mrs. Seema Thakur Sh. B.A, M.A., B.Ed. PGT
7 Mrs. Parvesh Dhariwal B.Com, M.Com, M.A (Eco),   M.A(History) PGT
8 Mrs. Poonam Gulati I B.Sc. (Medical), B.Ed TGT
9 Ms. Sarla Adlakha B.Sc ( Medical),   M.A. (Eng),B.Ed TGT
10 Mrs. Poonam Tiwari B.A ,M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed TGT
11 Mrs. Amrita Sharma B.A,M.A. (English),B.Ed, M.A. Public ADM, TGT
12 Mrs. Pooja Arya B.A ,M.A. ( Maths ), B.Ed TGT
13 Mrs.Neerja Sood B.Sc , M.A. (Econ.), B.Ed TGT
14 Mrs. Kanchan Arora  Sharma BCA,MSC, MCA, B.Ed Comp. T TGT.
15 Mrs. Pooja Narula B.A  (English Hons. ) ,B.ED TGT
16 Mrs. Bharti Pandey B.A, M.A(Hindi),B.Ed TGT
17 Mr. Rakesh Kumar B.P.Ed,M.A (Phy.Edu) PET
18 Mrs. Usha Tak B.A ,M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed PRT
19 Mrs. Sethu Lakshmi B.Com,M.Com.,  B.Ed,  M.A.(History) PRT
20 Mrs. Nisha Hoshing B.SC ( Medical ), B.Ed PRT
21 Mrs Anita Dutt B.Com., B.Ed PRT
22 Mrs. Gurmeet Kathuria B.A, M.A. ( Eco ) PRT
23 Mrs. Sunayna Ahuja B.A., M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed PRT
24 Mrs. Poonam Rathi B.Sc , Diploma in Music, Diploma in Kathak, Dip. in Drw.& Art & Craft PRT
25 Mrs. Rita Marwaha B.Com, M.Com , B.Ed. PRT
26 Mrs Meenakshi Sapra B.Com ,M.Com, E.C.C.E. PRT
27 Mrs. Anjali Srivastava B.Com , MCA(comp.), B.Ed, NTT PRT
28 Ms. Neha Bhardwaj B.Com, M.A, B.Ed PRT
29 Mrs. Sonia Chauhan Singh B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed PRT
30 Mrs. Shiwani Arora B.Sc(Comp. Sci.) , MCA, B.Ed. Comp. T.
31 Ms. Priyanka Chaudhary B.Com, B.Ed PRT
32 Mrs. Durgesh B.Com , M.A(Eco) , M.A (Hindi),B.Ed PRT
33 Mrs. Sarita B.A, B.P.Ed , M.P.Ed PET
34 Mrs. Bhawna Chadha B.Sc ,M.A (Eng.) ,B.Ed, HTET PRT
35 Mrs. Seema Khetarpal B.A , M.B.A, B.Lib ,M.LIB Librarian
36 Mrs. Seema Midha B.A (His., Pol Sc.), M.A (English) PRT
37 Ms. Nidhi Naswa B.Com, M.Com PRT
38 Mrs. Neetika Singh B.Sc (Chemistry, Botony), M.Sc, M.A.  (Eng.),  M.A. (Education) PRT
39 Ms.Deepika Malhotra B.com , M.Com, JBT ,B.Ed (Pursuing) PRT
40 Mrs. Komal Puri B.Sc ,M.Sc  (Zoology) , B.Ed, CTET PRT
41 Mrs. Surbhi Madan B.Sc ,B.Ed,  MBA PRT
42 Mrs. Deepshikha B.Com, M.Com, N.T.T.,B.Ed Primary Teacher
43 Mrs. Nidhi Khullar B.A. B.Ed Primary Teacher
44 Mrs. Geetanjali Bakshi B.Com & NTT,B.Ed Primary Teacher
45 Mrs. Joyita Kar B.Com,B.Ed Primary Teacher
46 Mrs. Pinku Dey B.A (Eco,Pol.Sci),N.T.T Primary Teacher
47 Mrs. Lalita Arora B.A , M.A (Eco),N.T.T (Pursuing) Primary Teacher
48 Mr. Manoj B.A. (History & Skt),  D.Lib., B.Lib,M.Lib Lib. Asstt.
49 Mrs. Kajal Bhatia B.A., Basic Knoweldge of Comp. & Internet LDC
50 Mrs. Rashmi Nanda B.A., Diploma in Computer Office Assitt.
51 Mrs. Rajni chauhan B.Com., Diploma in Computer Office Assitt.


S.No Name Qualification Designation
52 Mr. Ram Sewak IX Pass Gardener
53 Mrs. Leela Devi V Pass Bal Sewika
54 Mr. Ram Krishan IX Pass Peon